Tuesday, October 25, 2005


After 3 weeks in Vienna all I can say I'm really enjoying it. I saw so many people from Bucharest that it sometimes feels like I'm at home. Now my brother, Tudor and Mona are here and it's all really great. Also having Stefan here all the time I will never get lonely. I do miss some people though...
Martina, Sari, and Karl are fantastic people to show us around Vienna and I'm really greatful to them. Also I'm happy to see Paul Cuzuioc, old friend of mine who's been living in Vienna for 5 years now. The other artists in residence (Alina and Jeff are from Belarus and Moldova but living in NYC and Markus is from Hamburg) are just great also. We're really really lucky!!!
PS: I found this orchid on the street about a week ago and it's still guarding us.


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