Friday, November 25, 2005

cocktail churning denizens feedin' the booze slavebots

vlad is gone, is the same as saying cosminas was here. it is a densly packed moment that seems to stretch out itself. This entry is going to be EN because it is dedicated to all the metabloggers out there, typing out there life-histories as real threads. Bloggs are scrolling things. They are part of the stream of counsciousness and when they are about to stop you feel like someone is holding his breath. We get angry, enthusiastic, sad, extatic about new entries, about the most recent posting, as if our daily unfolding would depend on it. Bloggs are full of necessary things. Marked by tags, even the most insignificant of postings have the potential to become something you can grasp or hold inside the window. Bloggs, in a tradition going back to intimate diaries and hidden pillow books are full of undiferentiated information or hard to separate data. They differ from older forms of confessional reports maybe in the way they are shared. Unlimited access also creates the need to cut-out, edit or re-edit, and it also makes you want to feed the others with more of yourself. Inside the blog your are making yourself easy to recover, to catch and distribute. Reading your own edited entries is like ensuring that you can always feed in new sequences. Cherish the moments when you stop and go back to it. The blog makes you discover or ask yourself which tidbits of existence are there to be generally shared or guarded to yourself. Each blogg may have a shadow-blogg, containg all the things you chose to skip, live away or continue some other time.
The shadow-blogg may influence like a clump of dark invisible matter the shape of the visible entries - small solid accretions growing on the sides of the barely uttered things. Sometimes the blog is devoid of many things, because you just simply feel like living them out and trying to keep them happening as unwritten instances.
Blogging is a nautical activity, it keeps the blogger testing the waters. The waters of the net have strong currents and undercurrents, so you feel like you need to ensure some sort of trail making it easier for you to return to a safe port. You feel like attaching onto a piece of drifting wood swimming in your direction. At least a few reference points on the grid. It also keeps you ahead of your own ship with maps lying open for a new course. The log also encrypts a lot of unusual information. In fact nautical logs always gathered data about miraculous happenings, atmospheric irregularities and stellar quirkiness. Of weird fish, unexpected birds and dolphins gliding under the belly of your ship. Logging to the log keeps time and position under controll, tough you might find out that some logs also talk about mutiny and hunger. They are more quick and more direct in recognizing and showing the private perspectives and discoveries that are hard to pin down.

Some logs are complacent and quiet, regulary spewing more of themselves on the shores of many distant screens. Some logs need to prove themselves, trying hard to convey of what its about and what did you miss by not being part of their posting spree. The log helps you keep track of yourself in the daily storm with the help of a tastature where most of the letters are illisible. You make it just by knowing where to hit the key.
Surely the better bloggs offer you insight into a lot of unfinished journeys.

photos courtesy of Jake Appelbaum aka ioerror


Blogger cristina said...

comentariu in ro. ati dat cumva pe-aici de o librarie cu carti & reviste second hand? art&cinema&comic strips&advertising?
tot haladuiesc pe net in cautarea unor vienna bookshop tips, dar nu am gasit pana acum.
pliz help?

5:35 AM  
Blogger megatron said...

ma cristina pai sint aici in viena o groaza de comic shop-uri chiar aici aproape de mariahilfe str este unul..

la capitolul carti ai putea sa vezi si barul phil de pe gumpendorfer care este si el pe aici prin centru, e un local bestial pe bune !

2:34 AM  

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