Monday, November 14, 2005

Ivan Moudov exhibition

quartier 21 temporary Home Gallery

Ivan Moudov
Fragments, 14:13 Minutes Priority

“Fragments”, 2003/2004

During a year and a half I have been collecting parts of different artworks from various museums, galleries and art centers in Europe. I made this suitcase in order to have my collection with me everywhere I go and to be able to show it to everyone who might wish to see it. It is my portable museum and Noah’s ark.

14:13 Minutes Priority

14:13 Minutes Priority is the name of video documentation of a performance that took place at the Schiller Festival I in Weimar. The title is the duration of theperformance that was stopped by the police on 14th minute after the beginning. The performance consists of seven cars moving in the roundabout that connects the downtown, suburbs and shopping mall area of Weimar. The cars involved into performance block the traffic for all those who enter or exit the roundabout.

This work is based on the "One Hour Priority" (2001) performance where the artist is driving a car in a roundabout in the in the centre of Sofia for one hour using his right for priority.

The quartier 21 temporary Home Gallery is a follow up of 2020 Home Gallery – Vlad Nanca’s apartment in Bucharest which is ocasionally being transformed into a gallery hosting exhibitions of young artists from Romania and Eastern Europe. For his artist in residence program in Vienna he decided to transform his temporary living space into a gallery to continue his practice in Bucharest. Ivan Moudov is the first artist to exhibit at the quartier 21 temporary Home Gallery a series of three events to take place during November 2005.


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